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James Desiderio Inc. is a full-service wholesale company located in Buffalo, NY.  We've been in business since 1946, and have become the region's leader in the procurement and sale of fresh produce and specialty products.

We continuously strive to improve our service and respond to changing needs. We have a state-of-the-art, climate control warehouse equipped with several ripening rooms, the newest repacking equipment, and a growing product list that is continuously changing to meet what your customers want. 

The company is family owned and operated with three generations of hard work and experience.

Our business is built on a fundamental philosophy "Provide the customer with a quality product, at a competitive price." In today's competitive world, the business that keeps the customer as its #1 priority, is the one that remains successful.


Supplying the Very Best

Chain supermarkets, independents, and foodservice are our specialty, and we have trained professionals designated to put together a program that will work for you.

Each customer has specific needs, and our sales and distribution team can create a product and delivery program that will satisfy each.  We feel our "hands-on" attitude can make the difference in complete customer satisfaction.

Image by Massimiliano Martini


Quality Control

Great attention is given to both product quality inspections upon arrival to our facility,  and the environment in which it is stored. Our associates are highly skilled in determining product quality as it moves through a series of documented product examinations.

Our temperature controlled trucks to transport products both in and out a state of the art distribution center.  Our warehouse features five different temperature zones, ensuring the temperature chain is consistent.

Our distribution center is USDA certified for both agricultural and product handling practices.



What We Offer

Our entire warehouse and packing facilities are refrigerated as is all our delivery equipment. We maintain a constant temperature from the loading docks to the delivery trucks. We take pride in never breaking the cold chain, which helps to ensure fresher produce and increased shelf life.

Our 120,000 square foot warehouse and distribution facility can meet the needs of all produce items with individually climate-controlled coolers.


All of our delivery equipment is temperature controlled, owned and maintained by the company. Our fleet consists of trucks ranging from step vans and Class B trucks to tractor trailers.

As a fresh produce company, we take pride in our efficient logistic strategies including rapid turnaround times in moving produce from the harvest in the fields to the final stop at the consumer.

We are in constant contact with our drivers should any specific needs arise during delivery. With our temperature controlled equipment you can, be assured that you will receive your product at its proper temperature, when you need it, no matter if you're a large chain supermarket,  small corner store, or a restaurant.


550 Bailey Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14206

(716) 823-2211

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